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What are the best OnlyFans accounts?

The thing with OnlyFans is that when the site was created in 2016, it was mostly used for porn, and later a lot of people joined, posting other things on their pages, nothing porn related. That was the moment I realized you need to know who offers the real deal you are searching for.

There is no secret that Cardi B and other stars made accounts, but don't hurry because you won't see any naked videos there. If you want to pay month by month and hope some celeb will get naked for you, go on, but let me give you the real hot stuff. Or, if you have an awesome account and you want to be seen, there is also a place for you in my list.

Want some free porn? Check this Free Porn Tube Sites list!

All the best free and safe porn tube sites are listed on this section so, take your time and find your favorite, or watch some videos from premium sites to decide where you are heading next. Premium, yes. As you know, some of the movies you find on these tubes come from studios after some time. There are tons of free movies on the tubes selected. Most of them have high quality videos and great content, but as you know, the fresh shit is usually on the premium porn sites.

If you are reading this, it means you are a picky mfucker but not ready to go premium yet, and want to test things first. I am sure my list will help you jerk and decide what is your best option. Enjoy!

Premium porn is for a better sex experience!

You started with all the free tubes and now you want something better. I know, you got tired of all the popping ads, you want to see how that porn movie ends, you want to see your favorite porn star's ass in HD, and you want to get all the new movies right away, not after someone thinks it will be nice to be a pirate and upload them on some random tube.

You play a role in creating the best porn movies.

Yes, you are a part, supporting your favorite stars and studios when you subscribe to their sites even if you pay only $1 or $3 and, review their work. As you support Netflix to create badass movies, you also support the porn studios to make the best fucking porn movies for you. That is a fucking privilege for professional wankers and fans.

Online sex chat with hot girls is a lot of fun!

Some moments at the office or when home alone can be boring af and, I have no idea why sometimes boredom brings with it horny thoughts. Remember the lockdown? That was a long moment of boredom and arousal for a lot of us. In those moments I was fucking grateful for all the hot cam girls in the world who made my days. Those chicks know how to make you have a fun time with a lot of cuming in between. It takes a second to click with a girl who is your type and then they work their magic.

A lot of different, naked, hot, smart, silly, curvy, petite girls are on webcam to chat with you.

There is no man in this world unable to find what he likes on these cam sites. No matter if it is a free or premium site, the girls are super gifted and can handle fetishes quite well. Even those who are not in the fetish category can do amazing foot fetish, roleplays, have a lot of wardrobe items to change in, and huge toys. Speaking of toys, I have seen a lot of chicks using this fucking machine on Chaturbate and some other free sites. That thing is a game changer.

Your section of real bitches fucking

There is nothing wrong with porn stars and studio porn but, sometimes, it is all too perfect and you miss some clumsiness or some raw reactions. Amateur porn is full of surprises and the best part is that a lot of girls look like the girl next door. Looking at some real girls having sex or masturbating for free, enjoying to be watched and share their pussy, is a treat.

Home porn collections have that kind of sex to please everyone.

Back in the days, when people didn't have that much internet access you couldn't find so many naughty homemade videos but now, things are really different. Teen girls really love to show their first sex experiences, and what they try in their bedrooms. Naughty babysitters love to show the internet how they seduce daddies, exhibitionists find their phone handy when going outside to have sex in the park and, don't be shocked to see that a lot of people have the same sexual fantasies as you.

Are amateur porn premium sites different from amateur free porn sites?

Yes, all premium sites, no matter the category, bring some extra benefits to you, and don't have annoying bugs, malware content, glitches, or aggressive commercial and pop-up ads. On amateur premium sites, you will find only hand-picked content of the best home made videos on the internet, and don't worry, you will only find amateurs.

Think about hand crafted objects you buy from people. They are unique, made with passion from the best materials the crafter has got, and the only difference is experience and resources. The same with premium amateur. The girls have little to no experience, and I say little because some of them are aspiring porn stars. It is natural to want to do more of what you love, so just be happy if you see some of them being successful in the future. Their passion is what makes them stand out. The subscription members pay is invested back in the site, to provide the best experience for the users, easy to navigate sites, and safe content. So, you paying does not make the girls more experienced, only your online experience will get better.

Do you need to know more about the girls from these porn videos?

There are so many girls who love to be exhibitionists and a lot who maybe have no idea you can watch them. Their boyfriends or former boyfriends made sure their beauty doesn't stay hidden and many guys can wank watching them. The possibility of you finding one of your gf sucking a dick on one of these sites is quite big. I love the originality of amateur porn even if the girls don't know how to flirt with the camera.

Women from all around the world have porn videos on these sites. You can find ebony ladies, big titties, small asses, petite girls, European nymphos and all sorts of horny girls happy to ride a dick and cum like crazy.

If you love hot Asian girls, watch Asian porn and Japanese Adult Videos for free.

Unlike other porn categories, Asian porn is not that common on the internet but, I have a pretty big list of sites with tiny little horny Eastern girls showing off their skills. There is a very exotic aura around these movies, and I think the girls are responsible for it. The fair flawless skin, dark silky hair, hairy pussy, and the way they scream is hard to be expressed in just words so, take a look and see what I mean.

If you are already a fan of JAV and Asian porn, you must be interested in the quality of the videos, if you can download content, and the overall quality of the site. I can say that on most of the sites, the videos are decent but, I can't promise ads free content because that is not up to me, and all being free, you can't be that pretentious. You can, of course, download shit from some sites, and there are plenty of serious videos of over one hour, so there is a chance you learn some katakana and kanji. Tell me how that learning goes :))

Asian girls may look innocent, but they are as naughty as fuck!

Don't let those big anime eyes fool you. Inside these girls, there is a fire burning, and they love bukkakes, gang bangs, BBC, and all the dirty stuff you can think of. Any time is a good time for sex because these girls don't waste time with shaving, any place, no matter if it is in Tokyo offices, outside the city on the fields, or at home, sex is great, and reasons are a lot.

I know censored images of genitalia can be a turn-off, but not all the movies are like that. Hard to find indeed but, you can still find uncensored movies. It is almost impossible for the producers to remove the censorship, not that they don't want to, but there are some strict regulations for that in Asia.

Premium Asian sites are like a Porn trip to Asia.

The best Asian videos are the ones shot in the mother countries, but there is a problem with censorship we all encountered a lot of times when tried to do a dirty job. There is an easy alternative for this problem, but then again, there is another issue with most uncensored porn videos we find, the originality of the girls.

Those girls with an Asian parent and the other being another nationality are so gorgeous I can't express in words, but the culture made them to be more globalized, not really the real Asian deal we search for. There is a time for all, and now it's time for the real Eastern girls, even if just the thought of those mixed nationality girls makes my mouth water.

So what is the solution if every time there is something wrong with my Asian porn?

To make sure you get quality videos shot in HD and only uncensored Asian pussy is to pay. I have no idea if this makes you happy because you help studios to produce more amazing porn, or if it makes you sad to give away $1 for great content. All I can tell you is that no matter how much you scroll down the free sites and try to find great stuff, you will never get what a premium site can offer.

If you are all set and ready to try some premium shit, all I can say is enjoy, and I hope my list is going to help you any time you need a refill or whenever you are in search for something new.

My content is constantly updated and even if I didn't have time to write some reviews, the sites being on my list must be the first thing to say they are worth it.

What are the best black porn sites of 2020?

Once you go black...you know what I mean by that, and sure thing is there is no other booty like that of an ebony girl. If you want to see the best black porn on the internet, you are in the right place. African and ebony girls have that passion you rarely find in women, the curves of goddesses, and let's stop here because since you are here, you know what I am speaking about.

Out of the tons of porn sites on the internet, I made a list of great black porn websites, and all you have to do is to enjoy. It is hard to make a short top ten best sites because all from the list are great and have different videos. It is like ranking food. It depends on everybody's tastes.

From creamy black pussy to cuckold videos and hardcore scenes

If you love the way wet black vaginas take huge dicks, and how they are pounded like crazy, you will definitely find a huge amount of porn clips like this. Hardcore with a black girl is the best, because those booties work, work, work and twerk like crazy. There is nothing I can think about that you can't find here. Even the submissive guys can find tons of satisfaction watching how ladies go black.

Why are premium black porn sites better than free stuff?

The word premium speaks for itself in every field, but the difference is you spend money on all kinds of things, and they are rarely premium, and you never get stuff for free in real life. Porn is a completely different story. You get a lot of content for free, and you happen to be disappointed sometimes. People...Who can understand them?

The need for better things is in human nature, and better means work and time. Well, a lot of studios and porn stars take their time and invest a lot of money to create luxury worth sex for you. The studios pay the best models to make you lose your mind watching them, and on top of that, you also get safe sites to join. No viruses or low-quality content will be published on any of the sites I mentioned.

Relax now! You are safe and about to enter the world of chocolate pussy with no worries.

Money is not a problem since it costs only a few bucks to have some days of unlimited access and test the sites. Relaxed? If not completely, you will be for sure when you see all the black juicy pussies smiling at you. I love all that confidence with which the hoes take cock. Make me your slave, girls! I want to taste that sweet chocolate.

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