arousr, your sexting list opportunity

How many contacts ready to have a hot kinky flirt do you have on your phone list? And how many chicks are ready to share your dirty pleasures?

Dirty talk and nudes

I don’t know about you, but I love hot dirty talk and sharing nude pics with hot girls who are open-minded. If you want to make your sexting list bigger and don’t know where to start, I give you the best place to do it.
It is time to update that list and take a look at the girls from Arousr. is a website that provides a great sexting experience and privacy. The girls you find here are gorgeous, chatty, and happy to have some fun in the middle of the night or whenever you are in a sexy-time mood. Whenever you get tired of texting and want some real action, you can opt for video calls, and we all know those are way better when you want to see some pussy or to let your chick to watch you doing nasty stuff. No strings attached, only friends with benefits who know what they want.

Milf, Ebony, BBW, or Hispanic girls, Arousr has it covered.

On you can find a lot of girls with different personalities and interests. Every girl has a profile where she speaks a little bit about herself, and here you can also watch pictures and videos of her. If you found the one your taste, you can easily start chatting.

Besides a great personality, of course, we guys want to see some nice looks too. I must say I am not disappointed when I think about the girls because all are fine. No matter if your like, you will find your type. You can even find girls with a hot British accent, sexy Aussies, mistresses who can handle all your fetish kinks, and the list can go on.

Making a profile on is easy.

Making a profile is easy, and it only requires a nickname and your phone number. You will get 100 credits as a welcome gift from the site, and the only thing you need to do is say “hello” to the girl you like, and she will take care of your needs. You can text their mobile number if you are an iPhone user or get the app if you are an android user.

One thing I seek when I enter a site is a clean look and to find what I want without spending too much time figuring out how or where. You know how much I value my time and that I like to solve my “problems” fast. Arousr team created a friendly interface that pleases my picky ass, and I must say the girls are amazing. Why amazing? Because they are not strollers. I hate it when girls try to waste my time and get my money for nothing, but this is not the case. They are quality in every aspect, from the looks to their way of handling sessions. The girls go straight to business, being wet and ready to play.

One decade of sexting

The site has been around for almost a decade and knows how things need to be done. It is a trustworthy chatting platform where many users found pleasure and privacy. Besides the encrypted chat, you have a code option, with the help of which you can easily lock the app and prevent any unauthorized access. The site passes the time test and also the quality test. My advice is to try it out and make your own handy sex chat list of playful girls.

Visit Arouser here .

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