Cardi B made an onlyfans account

Famous rapper Cardi B made an OnlyFans account

Famous rapper Cardi B made an OnlyFans account and the world went crazy.

She made her account a while ago and she mentioned it a few times before but, everybody thought she was joking, knowing that OnlyFans is mostly an adult entertainment platform where hot girls sell naked pics and vids. Thinking about all the stuff Cardi could share and, knowing that she was also a stripper, I am sure that all the fans, guys and girls, started to fantasize and drool a little bit.

Sex and celebrities are some spicy topics people love and chase. Remember Kim Kardashian? Well she and her sex tape were a huge tsunami back in the days. Why not have a wave two?

What kind of content is Cardi posting on her OnlyFans account?

And then, Cardi said: “I’m thinking about putting more personal content there — personal, but not like nothing sexual or anything.”

To be honest, I kind of saw that coming but, a little piece of my heart still hoped she is going to share a bit more. Her personality is great and she seems an extrovert but, I am sure her fans are pleased to see behind the scenes videos and interact with her on a different platform.

Where can I find nude celeb pictures and videos?

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