4K Desire is a porn site fulfilling the current demands on quality and clarity. That is the inspiration for their name. Translated, it would mean a crystal-clear image of fucking great porn scenes. There are many low-quality movies on the internet, but still, I believe their place is back in the past era of porn dinosaurs. Or maybe I shouldn't be so mean. Let's say their category should be vintage porn. But the annoying part is that they are filmed after 2015. If I pay for something, I want high quality, not a scam.

All being said, 4K Desire deserves a thumb's up because they offer great quality for the little amount asked for their work. 4K means more effort from pornstars too. Because you know how in those blurry films skin seemed flawless and other faults were inexistent. Now girls take way more care of themselves, and this is a full-time job. Looking perfect is not something you are born with for everybody. Let's appreciate that and understand porn is now better than it has ever been. The work of a dedicated crew can be seen at 4K Desire, and I know they will be with the flow for a long time from now.

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