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A little history about live cam sites and their beginnings.

Let's all take a moment and remember how the cam industry began. The story began in 1996 when a college girl had the idea to take pictures of her daily activities and stream live on her website. Since then, the industry has grown, and many people with ideas transformed it into what we can see now. A few years back, there were not so many girls streaming and stripping online, and you had to be pleased with what you got, no matter if she wasn't your exact type. The joy now is that you can find any age and any type of girl you wish for, and on top of that, you have tools to make the search more specific.

I don't think it is ever going to be something people will get bored with, because it is still a matter of human connection and masturbation. I can never see the world without masturbation. Well, I can see a world with sophisticated devices to help you have an amazing orgasm, but when that device is not handy, your hand will never let you down. Sex is one thing, touching yourself another, and sharing the pleasure of wanking with someone is completely different.

What are the best live sex chat sites of 2020?

So as the story goes, that one girl was joined by many, and big websites like LiveJasmin, Flirt4Free, Chaturbate, Cams, started to appear. The big sites have somewhere between 10 and 20 years of online activity and a lot of experience. Experience doesn't seem a relevant word in this discussion, but it is for your pocket. When you enter such a website, you expect something, especially if you are willing to pay. You want quality girls, not strollers. You want them to make your experience unforgettable and, if possible, to help you cum multiple times, not just one time. The big sites offer training for girls, and teach them a lot of things, from wearing make-up, conversation, promoting their brand, and so many other things to make that private chat great.

The best sites of 2020 are the ones we are familiar with, because they have a lot of money to invest, but I think a new type of cam site is going to be great, even if it is in the beginning. Vr cam sites can make your experience feel more real, and why not take advantage of that? It feels more personal to have a VR private chat and to be able to see more than one angle, as you see on the flat screen. We need to be a bit patient and let the VR sites grow a bit, to build more awesome features, and to grow, they need visitors and some cum sessions. It is funny how loads of cum make these websites grow. If only we could count how much cum was spilled to make Chaturbate this big...

So now you remember the big sites and why they are good. I forgot to mention the discounts happening lately. I've never seen as many sales on LiveChat sites as this year. You can benefit from up to 80% in privates on Live Jasmin. On the free or freemium websites, you can get free pussy as the model completes her goals.

What is the difference between Freemium and Premium live cam sites?

Now, this is another topic, and it really matters what kind of member you are and what are your perks. I know you like sex and flirt, that is why you are here, but there are some other more specific aspects to sex.

If you like your girl to be seen by all of the wankers on the internet and spoil her with your tips, you are a freemium cam site guy. I see the pleasure in having others see how you make the girl's toys buzz in her pussy and make her cum countless times. Poor girls cum and cum until they drip all over their sheets because of some freaky members. I am a fan of that too, and I love to help a horny girl spread the juices all over. Tip to see her boobs, to see her playing with some butt plugs and anal toys, that is a treat. Sites like this are, of course, Chaturbate, Bonga, StripChat, My Free Cams, some sections of Flirt4Free (there are shows where you can do that). I love these girls, and I am a huge fan of getting them drunk with tips. Getting them tipsy makes them a lot more stretchy and horny. Yes, right, on some sites, girls are allowed to drink, so grab a glass and join them.

Premium cam sites have mostly glamour girls. The idea of the sites is that women are mysterious and luxurious, and they don't share everything in front of everybody. One premium site is Live Jasmin, but it used to be a free site when it started. You can only see the girl getting naked in a private show, but that is really worth it. She will only have time for you and focus on your desires. If you are a fan of intimacy, ask her to block the private when you are in her room, and you will be sure that no one else enters to peek on your show.

What can I get for free?

If this is your question, you will be surprised to hear that unlike anything else in life where you get almost nothing, these girls are extremely sweet, and they will speak to you, and maybe flash some titties, but don't be a beggar. A beggar is that cheap-ass guy who seeks all the attention, doesn't want to pay, and never stops asking for some naked piece of meat. Be polite with the girls, and stop blabbing. In the real world, I bet you are not the same motherfucker. For the real action, you have to tip the chicks you really want to see naked and playing with the pussy. Now it is up to you if you want to go private or do it ""in public"".

Can I make some money on these sites?

Yes, you can, as soon as you register as a model. You need to fill some forms, add your card, get a camera, some lights and, action! I am working on a more detailed article on how you can become a model and make some money. The truth is that you need a lot of patience, especially if you are not a pornstar. Speaking of, you can see your favorite pornstars streaming from time to time. I guess filming porn occupies most of their agenda.

There are a lot of popular and hot girls who are online over 12 hours per day (they must love fucking more than anyone), and they have the experience of a porn star. If you log in and stay that much, you will gain the skills too.

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