I have a feeling that the Lannister family from Game Of Thrones was inspired by Family Strokes. Or maybe I am wrong but, one thing is certain. Over the last years, some porno studios noticed that there are many people out there having forbidden crushes over a member of their family, be it blood or not, and so, the industry has begun to be filled with this genre. There are a lot of people around the world craving to fuck a step-family member, and no one admits it but, productions like FamilyStrokes, Dad Crush and, I think you know the rest if you are that kind of a pervert, are still on the market to feed that vampire "bloodthirst" of yours, so you don't have a massive boner when you see your step relative wearing a hot summer outfit.

I know that I might sound a little bit judgy, given the fact that some royal families were perpetually doing this to keep a pure bloodline, but we are past the middle ages and we know what happened further. Enough history, back to liquids and fucking. I must say that the girls here are top babes, top of the notch and, they look normal but polished, not like the exaggerated barbie dolls we have seen a lot. There is something new and fresh to them, maybe because they must look like a step-sis or a step something. Some scenarios these hot bombs are in are insane, some are my taste, and I remember the family reunion where the chick was filled by her boyfriend while her father was in the room. That is some 007 fuck and who doesn't like adrenaline? The choices are multiple, you can check the site and see I mean what I say.

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